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Sasha Gnus
SASHA GNUS, piano entertainer

Sasha Gnus was born in Belgrade / ex.. Yugoslavia.
He studied piano and flute at the “Kosta Manojlovi?” Music School in Zemun, and the “Stankovi?” Music Gymnasium/Belgrade by professor Karlo Kneipp. He received many notable first prizes in national competitions, making his international debut at the “Maria Canals” International Concourse in Barcelona/Spain in 1988, Sasha composed pop songs, sympho-rock and music for the film and theater.
Recorded for Radio and TV. Later, his interests led him into popular music, playing in different bands. The group “ALISA”, was successful and made the top 10 of Yu- Hit list in the 1980´s with their hit “SANJA”!
Glenn Monie
GLENN MONIE, piano entertainer

Glenn is one of the most entertaining and energetic entertainers in piano-bar bussines today.

Many Years of experience in leading pianobar venues in UK and Europe make Glenn a MUST for every pianobar today.
Joycelyne Cruz
JOYCELYNE CRUZ, pianobar entertainment

Joycelyne Cruz is a singer and talented performer as a single artist, performing with her guitar or as a duo or trio. She is an experienced and a well traveled artist.
Joycelyne' career started in the Philippines and from there on, her passion for music became profound. Joycelyne traveled to Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and worked in different Bands and Groups. with various styles, from Dance Music to Pop, Jazz, Country, etc..in many different languages such as English, French, Spanish, Greek..

AL Pithers
PITHERS AL, pianobar entertainer

He started his career playing in bands in Perth, Western Australia when he was 16.
Back then Piano players were very much in the minority and were in great demand. He was very fortunate to work with some great musicians.
They didn't have a lot of choices and he guess he was good enough to get the gigs. He kept his mouth shut and hie ears open and learnt his craft.
John Borton
BORTON JOHNNY, pianobar entertainer

Born in Canada and raised in Listowel as his Dad Travelled at his job from place to place it took a while before finally settling down. Never taking music lessons, I took up the piano as a teenager and joined his first band in 1979. His first real gig was a Terry Fox Run Fundraiser in 1980.
It seemed to be the only thing he could count on for his salvation.
Playing in many bands over the years, motels with holes in the walls, ceilings falling down the decision was made to play only weddings, private functions, and fund raisers.
What a great decision !
Ted Robinson
TED ROBINSON, pianobar entertainer

Teddy Robinson's music is a variety of sounds and dimensions, he is a genius of soul, jazz, and country music. He also plays the harmonica.

Ted is performing in the top venues - hotels piano bars all over the world and is allways re-engaged back.

A real "pro" in the pianobar bussines.

Hilari Sanabria
HILARI SANABRIA, pianobar entertainer

Although Spanish born in Barcelona, Hilari has carried out his proffessional activity as a Piano Entertainer in Northern Europe and cruise ships for the last 20 years.
Settled in Sweden from 89 to 1997 and in Norway up to date, Hilari has performed in a wide range of venues in Scandinavia with occasional break aways to northern and central Europe.”
Most of his Activity has been on Ships. He considers it his favourite line of work for an important reason:
There is never one day like the other.
Al Sitar
AL SITAR, piano entertainer

For years, classically-trained pianist AL SITAR has provided appealing and elegant musical ambiance's, delighting audiences around the World.
His six-year tenure aboard cruise ships has polished both his musical skills and approaches towards cultural diversity, at classy and professional levels.
AL SITAR, Canadian pianist vocalist, studied classical piano privately from the age of nine, through the Royal Conservatory of Music. He is fluent in English, French, and Croatian.
Art Now
ART NOW, piano entertainer

Keyboards, vocals, accordion, harmonica
Art Now is a former television, radio and jingle writer who became a professional musician. Art plays keyboards, accordion, harmonica and has a deep, rich, powerful voice. His repertoire is vast and he performs in a wide range of styles, from standards and blues, to rock, dance, hip-hop and reggae and has performed on keyboards, as a soloist, in clubs, piano bars cruise ships and hotels in New York, LA, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Ireland, Spain Greece, Russia, and Germany.
Kory Simon
KORY SIMON pianobar entertainer

Kory’s piano bar credits include venues in Scandanavia, Miami Florida , and is one of the top piano entertainers with Holland America Line and currently Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. He was hired for the inaugural cruises of the M.S. Westerdam aswell as the M.S. Noordam, and soon will be aboard the biggest cruise ship in the world the Oasis of the Seas.
When he’s home he’s a huge hit at Ceili’s, an upbeat irish pub in downtown Vancouver- most recently during the 2010 Winter Olympics. He’s ideal for a lively piano bar seeking a fun, party atmosphere.
RODDY, pianobar entertainer

Roddy was born in 1958 in Gabrovo, Bulgaria.
In 1977-1983 he has been studying piano on the Academy on Music and High School of music in Bulgaria.
After finishing his studies Roddy has been joined top 40 dance band with which he has been touring as keyboard player and vocalist trough various Hotels and Clubs all over Europe; Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Finland.
ANDY WELLS, pianobar entertainer

Andy Wells was born in Nottingham, England and by the age of seven began to show an interest in music, especially the drums and at the age of 11 he was taking lessons in drums and percussion. Advice given to him about learning the piano, in order to improve his music reading, proved to become invaluable, as it taught Andy that he had a talent for song writing as well as composing. At the age of 20, he decided to give up the drums and dedicate his spare time to improving his song writing and arranging skills as well as his piano playing.

Mick Archer
MICK ARCHER, piano entertainer

Beginning his professional career while still in grade school, Mick Archer has played in virtually every music venue in the greater Chicago area during his 25+ years in the music business. Classically trained (American Conservatory, B.A., University of Illinois),
Archer has established a career that encompasses blues, jazz, rock, Celtic, country and folk music as a pianist, singer, guitarist, bassist, drummer, songwriter and bandleader.
He has performed throughout the country and Europe.
Pierre Eugene
PIERRE EUGENE, pianobar entertainer

Pierre Eugene was at the age of four when he started playing himself Calypso guitar with his older brother's band so he could stay up late. Pierre took his music in Boston as a teenager, blending the mystical rhythms with sophisticated jazz sounds. Still without formal teaching, he later adopted the piano and synthesisers into his repertoire.
'Once you have an ear for it, it's pretty easy', he says.
For the Caribbean-born pianist, guitarist and vocalist, that was an other step in an entertainment career that has taken him from the US to Japan, and from Europe to Australasia.
Greg Andersson
GREG ANDERSSON, pianobar entertainer

Greg is an excellent American piano entertainer. He has first entertained in "Sing-Along Clubs" with 2 pianists on stage, providing high energy music and aggressively encouraging audience participation. Since 1992 Greg has worked in European pianobars, mostly Norway, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and various cruise lines. After his start , Greg steadily build up his repertoire, from Chopin to Rap, which is very wide and varied and chosen with care, so he can adept to any audience and circumstances.
Jillene Luce

JILLENE LUCE, piano-entertainer

Jillene is originally from Miami, Florida (USA), where she began to study (classical) piano at age 5, started playing in pop and rock bands at 17 years, and migrated to Switzerland at the age  of 20.  Jillene began to compose on multi-track recorders some first original music and since has never stopped playing with new ideas.
The various musical styles converging in Switzerland was a refreshing change, giving lots of new impressions and inspirations.  She enjoyed working with many wonderful talented artists and in some fantastic studios, creating music for theater, TV, movies, and "normal" music productions. 

JAMES CARTER, pianobar entertainer

James played classical piano form the age of nine before joining group Winston with whom he toured for around twelve years in the UK, Germany, Holland and South Africa.
After leaving Winston he played Piano and keys with miss Gloria Gaynor (I Will Survive ) .
After leaving Gloria Gaynor he moved to Spain working initially in hotels and restaurants as musician singer.
James plays a wide range of styles from classical to light jazz; the songs from Elton John, Billy Joel, Robbie Williams, the Beatles, Neil Diamond and many more.

Don Holton
DON HOLTON, piano entertainer

Born in California, Don has been playing the piano from an early age. Since 30 years he has been performing piano and singing. Don is also a song writer and recording artist, with his music receiving a lot of airplay on US radio stations.
Don worked with Mr. Bo Didley plus major American bands in original acts.

He has travelled all over the world entertaining in hotels in Australia, Indonesia, Scandinavian countries, Germany and many other countries. A very important fact is that Don has always had return engagements wherever he went.

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