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Andy Wells


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ANDY WELLS - pianobar entertainer

Born in 1963 and brought up in Nottingham, England. He developed an interest in music at the age of 7.
By the age of 11, Andy was learning the drums developing an interest in big band music as well as pop music. During his teenage years his heroes were, Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, John Bonham and Phil Collins to name a few.
At the age of 13, he was advised to learn piano so that he could read music for tuned percussion instruments. Not being completely interested in studying classical piano, Andy borrowed books from the local library and taught himself to play.
He developed a talent for songwriting by the age of 15.
After leaving school at 18 and he joined the Royal Air Force, but resigned after 3 years in order to pursue a career in music.
In 1992, after working as a house pianist in a local hotel in the town of Blackpool, England where he lived, Andy answered an advert in a local newspaper, to join the 60’s band Freddie & The Dreamers as back up vocalist and keyboard player.
He toured the UK and Scotland extensively with the band for 3 years before leaving to pursue a solo career.
From 1994 to 2001 Andy had regular contracts on Danish and Norwegian ferries as well as performing in hotels and piano bars in Norway.
Since 2001, Andy has performed in Norway, Denmark, Germany, Holland and Iceland.
At the beginning of 2010, Andy performed for 3 months aboard the Norwegian Cruise Lines ship, Norwegian Jade.
His home now is Bergen, on the west Coast of Norway, where he has lived for the last 6 years.
When not performing, he likes to develope his skills as a digital artist, specialising in the field of digital portrait painting, poster design and illustration.

Here some of past venues played:

Most of the fleet of ships in the DFDS Color Line and Fjord Line fleets between Norway, Denmark, Germany and Englnd.
Raden Mas Indonesian Restaurant, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.
Bussmans Brazil Restaurant, Dresden. Fetchers Live Piano Bar and Restaurant, Dresden.
Ayers Rock Restaurant and Bar, Dresden, Germany.
Andy's Pub, Oslo, Norway. Tipper'n, Msjoen, Norway. Night Live Piano Bar, Volendam, Holland.
Park Hotel, Voss, Norway. Baron and Baroness, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Baron and Baroness, Oslo, Norway. Klubben Hotel, Tonsberg, Norway.
Parnas Restaurant, Copenhagen, Denmark. Quality Hotel Oslo Airport, Oslo, Norway.
Quality Hotel Hafjell, Hafjell, Norway. Bonsak Piano Bar, Bodo, Norway.
Clarion Hotel Oslo Airport, Norway. Quality Hotel SkjÊrgÂrden og Badepark, Langesund, Norway.
Quality Hotel Fagernes, Norway. Quality Hotel Tonsberg, Norway.
Sturmhaube Restaurant, Sylt, Germany.



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