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John Borton


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JOHNNY BORTON - pianobar entertainer

Born in Canada and raised in Listowel as his Dad Travelled at his job from place to place it took a while before finally settling down.
Never taking music lessons, I took up the piano as a teenager and joined his first band in 1979. His first real gig was a Terry Fox Run Fundraiser in 1980.
Being an avid hunter, trapper, welder, and Millwright, he always fell back on his music.
It seemed to be the only thing he could count on for his salvation.
Playing in many bands over the years, motels with holes in the walls, ceilings falling down the decision was made to play only weddings, private functions, and fund raisers.
What a great decision !
For 12 years it was bar free. Since the last band decided to part ways, it was time for him to finish his dream and write his own songs. Thirteen being his lucky number, the decision was easy when there where 13 songs that where his on the album to call it Johnny Borton 13.
His goals are simple, if someone buys his songs and uses them so be it, if someone wants him and a band to premote them so be it. Whatever it takes and where ever it takes me the album was 3 years in the making and it is finished. Music will always be his life and with people like Gregg Dechert in it , made his dreams a reality!

He had the chance to play with Little Ceasers and the Consoles who where an original 50’s and 60’s group, for 2 years and be the opening act for the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 2000, what a treat !
Now playing the Casino’s and doing the music scene full time has enspired him even more to continue writing and expanding his options and playing outside his own province and country.

Here some latest Johnny's performances:

Brauhaus am Waldschlosschen Dresden Germany
Bussmann's Brazil Dresden Germany
Ontario - Canadian Steakhouse - Dresden Germany
Aqua-Dome Hotel - Laengenfeld - Austria

And many venues all over Canada





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