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:: Caribbean Latin Music ::

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Cafe Latino
TuKELY flamenco dance group

Tukeley band is formed by Jose Tafallet since 20 years.
Pepe, Leader, vocal and guitar - Sergio, battery and percussion
Alejandro, vocal and guitar

This band has been very successful for many years. They are all excellent musicians and dancers.
Their experience is very wide.

RAIZ LATINA Latin music from Cuba

Raiz Latina, a power packed 3-piece band from Havana, Cuba, makes International and Latin music as it should be. They released their first album entitled "DE TODO POCO" in 1998 under EGREM Recording Company and were produced by Demetrio Muniz who is also the musical director of the famous "Buena Vista Social Club" of Cuba.
Aside from the already energetic original Latin rhythms, the group plays a variety of “International Music”.
Luz de Luna
Ramon loved music since he was a child and that is the reason why He has chosen this profession. He started his musical studies in his home town conservatory at the age of 9 years old. His instruments are the guitar and bass but he can play the piano and keyboard as well. Besides, he is a singer too.
Maria became intrerested in music since she was a child, so she decided to dedicate herself to this profession.
She started to study music in her home town conservatory at the age of 5 years old. Maria can play different instruments such as: Galician pipe, piano, "bandurria" (lute-type Spanish instrument, type to mandolin), flute and sing as well.

Sol Y Son
SOL Y SON, South American music
'Sol y Son' is an Cuban band. This band of experienced musicians from some of the most perstigous groups in Cuba was founded in 1990, and their reputation has grown since then both nationally and internationally, most notably in the UAE.
'Sol y Son' has a wide repertoire of songs which includes Latin American and Caribbean rhythms as well as Spanish, English and Arabic classics. All of these are delivered in 'Sol y Son's' distinctive style which has made them so popular wherever they have played. This popularity is nowhere better seen than in the UAE where their contracts have been extended in five star resort hotels in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai, so that they have played there for well over a year now.
Tamicos Trio
TAMICOS TRIO , South American music
In 1985 Lucho Inecio came to Amsterdam with a big suitcase full of songs from the Caribbean . With his deep bronze voice and his irresistible rhythm guitar technique he already had his fame on his native island Curacao. In Holland he performs with his own band TAMICOS since 1990. The band played so far on countless occasions all over Holland and abroad on festivals , parties , cruise hips , army-bases. The repertoire is a cocktail of many styles Antillean influences , Mexican Mariachi, Cuban Repertoire, Meringues from the Dominican Republic, Calypso from the West Indies.. But also stylish Boleros and tasteful Bachatas for a special Caribbean romantic atmosphere .
Sanber Trio

LOS 3 SOLES TRIO, South American music
Darío Duarte left his birth country, Paraguay, to go to Brazil along with  his guitar, full of illusions and thinking of the possibility to make a life by fulfilling his great passion, dedicating to himself to music.
During that time Brazil was the birth of South America's most important voices in the music such as: Roberto Carlos, Altemar Dutra, Maissa among others and was the golden age of the bossa nova: Jõao Gilberto, Badem Powell and Antonio Carlos Jõbim. The new artists who wanted to triumph in the musical world tried to imitate or even learn by them. Darío was settled in the popular city of São Paulo and started to play around different places with other friends he formed a group with which was getting a success whenever they go.

Sanber Trio
SANBER DUO, South American music
Sanber Duoo is a group of excellent South American musicians that came together in 1994 and they have spent the past six years touring throughout South Africa, Arab Emirats, Bahrain, Turkey, Spain, Germany...etc, performing in first class hotels and restaurants playing South American, Mexican and Spanish music.
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