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JILLENE LUCE - music type

Jillene is originally from Miami, Florida (USA), where she began to study (classical) piano at age 5, started playing in pop and rock bands at 17 years, and migrated to Switzerland at the age  of 20. 
Jillene began to compose on multi-track recorders some first original music and since has never stopped playing with new ideas.
The various musical styles converging in Switzerland was a refreshing change, giving lots of new impressions and inspirations.  She enjoyed working with many wonderful talented artists and in some fantastic studios, creating music for theater, TV, movies, and "normal" music productions.  The surge of  DJ (electronica fantastica) music in the 90's  and the ensuing hunger to experience live musicians again coupled with a personal longing to get "out and about" with people again after many years spent mostly in studios - lead to the birth of her Live Lounge (& New - Club-Lounge) Project.  An MC/singer/keyboardist in a lounge or club setting - solo and/or improvising live with DJ's or other musicians, creating lyrics and melodies to their tracks, interacting with the audience.
Jillene recently returned to her roots in Miami and enjoyed thoroughly the new styles emerging in that area,  combining the talents of the variety of musicians living there - the US jazz, R&B,  and Rock locals together with the "Carribbeaners" and South Americans.

Jillene can perform from Lounge, Soft Jazz, Soft Pop, Chill-out, Bossa Nova to Dance music.

Some Venues where Jillene performed:
Zurich - Kaufleuten Supermarket (showblock),
Club-Q (Live Improv with DJ),
NietTurm HardOne, Forum, Blue Note,
Winthurer Theater Ball,
Indochine Club, Tente Rouge, currently in Terrasse.

New York:
Elbow Room, Sidewalk Cafe, CBGB. Many Private and Corporate events.
Munich, Lubeck, Hamburg, Muenster Kultur Zentrum and Club Tour
Dos Treses
England: Wembley Stadium Event Lounge
Ultra Music Festival, Bang Music Festival, Various Hotels and Clubs 

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