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ART NOW - pianobar entertainer

Keyboards, vocals, accordion, harmonica Art Now is a former television, radio and jingle writer who became a professional musician. Art plays keyboards, accordion, harmonica and has a deep, rich, powerful voice. His repertoire is vast and he performs in a wide range of styles, from standards and blues, to rock, dance, hip-hop and reggae. Over the last few years, Art was the Iead vocalist with The Hanoi Swing Band, in Vietnam, played guitar and sang with an all-TI rock band in Phuket, and has performed on keyboards, as a soloist, in clubs, piano bars cruise ships and hotels in New York, LA, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Ireland, Spain Greece, Russia, and Germany.

While in the ad business, Art wrote commercials for Burger King, The World Wrestfil Federation, Nestea, Readers Digest and more. He garnered advertising's Clio award for the Burger King commercial he wrote for The Coasters. During his four years as a promotional writer and producer for BMG Music, Art worked with Will Smith, BruceHornsby, Gene Simmons, Rick Astley, Marcus Roberts, Samantha Fox, Kooi Moe De and KRS-One.

Art has produced a CD of his own composition, "My Train of Thought" and his sin "Living in Asia" was a favourite in Thailand. He's been a frequent guest on radio shows and he performed on accordion in the New York Times critically acclaimed film "Exqui Corpses".

An avid writer, Art has published feature stories about performing for Pierce Brosnan (James Bond) The Crown Prince of Denmark, and the U.S Ambassador to Thailand, His book, "Keys to the Highway," stories of life behind piano bars around the globe, is currently being marketed.

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