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Alexander Broussard
ALEXANDER BROUSSARD, pianobar entertainer

Some say music is beauty, some say it’s energy, some say it’s emotions, some say it’s strength, some say it’s entertainment, some say it’s art…
For Alexander, it’s all these things combined.
And the result ?
An adventure and an experience: so much more than just ‘an evening out’.
A thoroughly skilled pianist and a gifted singer, Alexander has an immensely diverse repertoire at his fingertips.
Hannes Hage
HANNES "HAGE" L, pianobar entertainer

Hage started to play on a "bontempi” keyboard at the age of 8.
After a couple of years his parents decided to send him for private lessons. After learning notes and the first chords he started in a school band... "Comic Sans MS" The first band "EPITAPH" was a rock/heavy project with 2 guitarists and Hage on the keyboards.(he got his nickname "Hage" at this time...)
Andy Boller

ANDY BOLLER , pianobar entertainer

Andy was born in 1954 in Springfield Ohio USA. He bagan playing piano allready at the age of 4. Puberty brought on a severe case of rock and roll fever, and he started the first of a long line of bands at age of 12. Now (resident in USA and Switzerland) andy perform all over the Europe mainly in Swizerland Netherlands and Scandinavian countries. His fiery piano and versatile vocals leave audiences clamoring for more.

Bobby Hamilton
FREE SOUL, pianobar duo

Free soul is a combination of talents that’s been together for more than six years, with Alma Ortega, an Spanish - Filipino
lead vocalist, and Luis Canales, a Chilean pianist, keyboardist, and vocalist. Free Soul have performed in most of the more
renowned hotels and clubs around Asia and Middle East such as: Forte Grand Hotel (Dubai), Intercontinental Hotel
(Philippines), Marriott, Holiday Inn, Crown Plaza, and Garden Hotel (China), etc...
Keith Channer

KEITH CHANNER, piano entertainer

Keith Channer is an American entertainer, who creates magic with music, he is exciting and entertaining, rendering a vast selection of pop, jazz and soul music.
He has performed in Hollywood, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Europe. He has also toured with big names in the music industry like 'Litlle Richard' and 'Samona Cooke', besides making a few TV appearances, video clips and a record containing his two tracks 'Love, oh Love' and 'Be My Angel'.

Kristilee Ransley
KRISTILEE RANSLEY, piano entertainer

Kristilee has been singing professionally for over 10 years. From solo piano bar gigs, jazz ensembles and lead roles in musical theater productions, to original performances and recording, this versatile musician has covered a diverse range of genres.
Entertaining, witty, talented and engaging, Kristilee has the depth and experience to bring something unique to every gig.
Brian McCarthy
BRIAN McCARTHY, pianobar entertainer

Brian McCarthy has been a professional performing musician/vocalist for over 20 years and is a virtuoso on both Piano and the Electric guitar. He has played in many different and diverse musical situations, from playing lead guitar/fronting bands to playing solo piano gigs,as well as being a sound technician/ producer and a studio musician. In fact, Brian has one of the most diverse musical repetoires of any musician out
there from his experiences in both the serious and the popular music worlds.
Robert Hicks

Robert Hicks was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. He began playing the playing the piano at the age of five, teaching himself to play by ear from the 78 rpm records of Tommy Dorsey and Stan Kenton he had dug out of his grandmother’s attic.
His phonograph records were his toys. In lieu of a teddy bear he slept with an album of rhumbas. He began singing jazz at the age of eight and began classical and jazz piano study with Gene Confer at age nine. At sixteen he began playing professionally around Portland. His first gig was at the old Delevan’s restaurant where he entertained regularly.
Dennis D'aoust

COOL TIME JAZZ, piano bar duo

Cool Time Jazz was formed in 2004, by Manuel and Maria.
Manuel Vazquez, born in Barcelona, is a musician specialised in Jazz and Classical music. This dedicated artist won a range of prizes with honours and recognition.
Maria Marquez, born in Ronda, province of Malaga, began her professional career in Luxury hotels and concert balls in Spain and other countries where she combined her professional career with her vocal studies.



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