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ALEXANDER BROUSSARD - piano-bar entertainer

Some say music is beauty, some say it’s energy, some say it’s emotions, some say it’s strength, some say it’s entertainment, some say it’s art…
For Alexander, it’s all these things combined. And the result? An adventure and an experience: so much more than just ‘an evening out’. A thoroughly skilled pianist and a gifted singer, Alexander has an immensely diverse repertoire at his fingertips.

It’s a simple step into the world of musical dreams: just click your heels three times and follow the yellow brick road into a fable of music, a blend of styles and moods. From pop, easy-listening and Latin to rock & roll, soul and reggae, not forgetting the standards and evergreens on which we have all grown up. From Elton John to Freddy Mercury, from Bob Marley to the Beatles, from Billy Joel to the Gipsy Kings. Sung in English or Italian, in French or Spanish, in Dutch or German, Alexander will take you by the hand and make sure you enjoy the best of what the world of music can offer you. Performances of passion, quality and, quite simply, an absolute love of good music.

There’s no longer any need for you to dream of what’s over the rainbow.

b o o k i n g s
Alexander can be booked alone (with or without the aid of pre-recorded rithm-section),
as a trio (bass & drums) or with a full band.
In all cases there is a possibility of adding an extra musician such as a female singer or a sax player.


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