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FREE SOUL DUO - pianobar duo

Free Soul is a combination of talents that’s been together for more than six years, with Alma Ortega, an Spanish - Filipino lead vocalist, and Luis Canales, a Chilean pianist, keyboardist, and vocalist. Free Soul have performed in most of the more renowned hotels and clubs around Asia and Middle East such as: Forte Grand Hotel (Dubai), Intercontinental Hotel (Philippines), Marriott, Holiday Inn, Crown Plaza, and Garden Hotel (China), etc...

With an extensive repertoire that covers the most popular music genres e.g. Jazz Standards, Latin, R&B, Pop, and Oldies Ballads, etc. Free Soul is able to deliver those unique and memorable moments of music enjoyment based on the experience and skills that this duo had acquired throughout years of dedication, passion and love for music.

Alma Ortega:
Throughout years of experience, Alma had master a wide variety of musical styles,
going from Jazz Standards, Latin to Pop and R&B. And with her very unique husky tone,
she certainly does justice to most of the tunes in her repertoire.
Alma is also able to sing in several different languages such as: English, Spanish, French,
Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, etc...

Luis Canales:
Since Luis started performing professionally, he has been putting much of his effort into his
piano playing and harmony skills.
At the moment Luis is able to play the most popular styles required today, whether with a full band, using backing tracks, or as a piano accompanist...

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