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Greg Lupton
GREG LUPTON, pianobar entertainer

Greg Lupton is a dynamic pianist with a style based upon the great American piano styles.
Boogie Woogie, Blues, Jazz, Ragtime, Dixieland, Stride and Barrel House. Greg just calls it Honky Tonk, because it is exciting and constantly moving.
Greg’s incredible versatility allows him to easily blend these styles into popular music creating an entertaining evening of Piano music.
Elton John, Billy Joel, Beatles, Country, Soul, R&B, 50’s & 60’s are a part Greg’s repertoire, with the added benefit of Standards, and Folk music depending on the audience.
Janine Smith
JANINE SMITH, pianobar entertainer

When there is room for only one entertainer, Janine often fills the position as a
Piano Bar/Lounge Singer. She acoustically accompanies herself as she sings classics from Billy Joel, Elton John, Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, the Beatles, just to name a few.
She has performed in such places as the Marriott Hotel Hamburg, Dennis’ Swing Club, Hotel Am Meer, Calypso Bar, and the Atlantic Hotel. Janine Smith has also sailed throughout the Carribbean as an entertainer for Seetours Travel Agency.
Craig Andrews

The soundtrack for relaxed summer days and sophisticated nights at the bar: listening to Lilianna makes us realize how really hot cool Lounge Bossa can be.
With pianist and producer Rufio on the keys, Lilianna is a very charismatic singer and simply has everyone under her spell.
Whether she's singing her own compositions or her unique interpretations of the pop vocals of the eighties, Lilianna's velvety voice and Rufio's jazzed-up arrangements make us feel the sand between our toes and the tingling taste of an iced cocktail on our lips.

Raffaele Carrone
RAFFAELE CARRONE, pianobar entertainer

Born in Torino in Italy.
He started his performing career at the age of 12.
First at the "Gianotti Collegue" in Cuneo and later private studies by Mr. G. Negro in Torino - who's one of the best jazz artists in Italy.
Raffaele has been performing in different Shows, Piano Bars and many international five star Hotels all over Europe and also in the far East.
His amazing ability of piano-playing combined with a special vocal, brings out a professional performance that creates a very pleasant atmosphere, in which he can entertain a crowd from all over the world.




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