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TAMICOS - latin-caribbean music

In 1985 Lucho Inecio came to Amsterdam with a big suitcase full of songs from the Caribbean . With his deep bronze voice and his irresistible rhythm guitar technique he already had his fame on his native island Curacao .
In Holland he performs with his own band TAMICOS since 1990 .
The band played so far on countless occasions all over Holland and abroad on festivals , parties , cruise hips , army-bases .
First in a trio setting but later also as a 4- or 5 piece band
The repertoire is a cocktail of many styles Antillean influences, Mexican Mariachi, Cuban Repertoire, Meringues from the Dominican Republic, Calypso from the West Indies..
But also stylish Boleros and tasteful Bachatas for a special Caribbean romantic atmosphere .
Tamicos performs old and new repertoire , from Buena Vista till Juanes ..

The sound ( as a trio) is defined by strong vocals, acoustic guitars (Cuban tres) Mandolin, and a Double Bass. As a duo it's just Lucho and Gerrit singing and playing guitar .

The band can perform acoustic or with high quality amps
For all ages and for anyone who wants a very danceable Caribbean ambience .

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