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SOL Y SON - Latin - Caribbean Music

'Sol y Son' is an Cuban band. This band of experienced musicians from some of the most perstigous groups in Cuba was founded in 1990, and their reputation has grown since then both nationally and internationally, most notably in the UAE.

'Sol y Son' has a wide repertoire of songs which includes Latin American and Caribbean rhythms as well as Spanish, English and Arabic classics. All of these are delivered in 'Sol y Son's' distinctive style which has made them so popular wherever they have played.

This popularity is nowhere better seen than in the UAE where their contracts have been extended in five star resort hotels in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai, so that they have played there for well over a year now.

In addition to the above, they have presented their material on both radio and TV on their native Cuba, and have been given enthusiastic receptions in reknown tourist centres, and at conventions and national events.

The group takes its name from the Cuban rhythm of 'Son', and its music is truly one of the best examples available today of this tropical Latin sound.

No matter what your taste 'Sol y Son' will appeal with their flawless technique, popular selection, rhythmic sound and professional appearance.

Wherever they have been and wherever they will go, 'Sol y Son' always draw and receive the accolade they deserve.

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