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LOS 3 SOLES - South American Latin Music

Darío Duarte left his birth country, Paraguay, to go to Brazil along with  his guitar, full of illusions and thinking of the possibility to make a life by fulfilling his great passion, dedicating to himself to music.
During that time Brazil was the birth of South America's most important voices in the music such as: Roberto Carlos, Altemar Dutra, Maissa among others and was the golden age of the bossa nova: Jõao Gilberto, Badem Powell and Antonio Carlos Jõbim. The new artists who wanted to triumph in the musical world tried to imitate or even learn by them. Darío was settled in the popular city of São Paulo and started to play around different places with other friends he formed a group with which was getting a success whenever they go.
Then having passed some years he decided to form his own trio with two friends who came from Paraguay as well: Wilfrido Aquino and Gabriel Meza. The trio's name became "LOS TRES SOLES" and started to be known through their music and their boleros filled with romanticism.
They performed several shows in various TV. Programmes in the Globo Channel of Brazilian television and radio together with artists of the carving of Roberto Carlos which were making them famous around Brazil and other countries of South America.
The trio took the decision to have a chance in Spain and arrives in Madrid where they start an important musical trajectory, taking part in several TV and radio programmes. Besides the performances in casinos, hotels and concert cafes, locals in the city. Darío starts to play the harp in the trio and this is very suitable to play the soft and warm melodies from Paraguay which are so pleasant to be listened all over the world.

Amalia Rodrigues & Los Tres Soles
They will perform many tours around the Spanish country including  the Canary and Balearic Islands; but maybe Galicia will have a main meaning in their lives because their families will set up there, though they are performing their tours in other regions of Spain or abroad. Their tour will expand through The USA, Japan, Arabian Emirates and several countries of Europe, such as Switzerland, France, Germany and Portugal. With reference to the performances made in Portugal we should mention the Estoril Casino where they took part in a show with artists of the carving of: Tom Jones, Amalia Rodrigues, Gilbert Becaud, Gipsy Kings and Dulce Pontes. Besides we may mention shows around South American countries such as: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.
Los Tres Soles participated in different song contests such as:

• INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL  in Punta Del Este (Uruguay).
• INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL in Rio De Janeiro (Brazil).
• HISPANITY FESTIVAL in La Rábida (Spain).
• INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL in Cosquin (Argentina).

A few places where they performed:
Hotel Melia Castilla, Madrid, Spain
Hotel Bahia del Duque, Tenerife Island
Restaurante El Molino blanco, Tenerife Island
Cruise in Royal Carribean Company
Hotel Sheraton, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Hotel Le Merdien, Al Aqah, UAE

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