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Bas Van Lier Trio


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BAS VAN LIER TRIO - jazz trio

Bas Van Lier is an accomplished pianist, classically trained at the Conservatory in Groningen, the Netherlands. He was born on 5 september 1971 in a very musical family. At the age of 11, his extraordinary musical talent was discovered. His father and mother used to be very active in classical music and Bas certainly inherited a good deal of talent from them. He studied piano until age of 25. At this time he became less interested in classical music and to focus on jazz.
His joy in performing live has led him to travel to Italy, Germany and France.

He was also performing together with the famous pianist, Rein de Graaf.

In 1992 is Trio Bas Van Lier formed by excellent musicians: Ricardo de Jeer, contra-bass player, Sebastian Kaptein, drummer and Bas van Lier, jazz pianist. As a versatile musician, Bas Van Lier knows no borders. Since medio 1993 he performs solo, three times a week in his favourite jazzcafe 'De Spiegel' in Groningen. Beside that Bas is playing with the band 'Moeley's Dig'.

His repertoire includes swing, bebob, latin jazz and pop standards. Bas Van Lier piano's reflects a true sense of living jazz history and he adds a classical touch to his piano stylings in his treatment of standards. He has a unique ability to engage audience of all ages and backgrounds with his breadth of musical knowledge and dynamic vocal ability.

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