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Kathy September


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Kathy September Irvine is a gorgeous singer/songwriter whose music is best described as radio friendly Pop / R&B with a rock edge, and some Dance crossover.
Kathy’s voice, a sultry blend of husky tones honed with a subtle vibrato, is easily one of the most unique and real voices in the marketplace today. Produced by Trackworks SA, Kathy’s sound has been described as “Rhythm and Blues with a rock edge ”. Kathy ’s catchy melodies, true-to-life lyrics and passionate delivery, combined with Trackwork SA ’s rhythmic and innovative production, will move both your spirit and your body.
Born in Antigua, Kathy is a British Canadian artist who first painted and wrote poetry. Her poetry was eventually turned to lyrics as she became more involved with music. Kathy has spent the last five years on the road in Europe, Asia and Australia fronting various bands performing jazz and rhythm and blues.

Some of Kathy ’s influences are Ella Fitzgerald ,Sara Vaughn ,Pearl Jam and the Calypso rhythms she grew up with. Her goal as an artist is not only to entertain but also raise awareness.

Some Venues ere Kathy performed lately:
One World Hotel - Malaysia
Plaza Athenee - Bangkok

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