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King Leon


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KING LEIN - pub entertainer
After several years in the hectic New York music life playing from blues, punk and rock, and touring around America with for example The Rolling Stones, KING LION became tired of the "Big Apple"" and moved in l988 to Stockholm.
Now its Scandinavia's turn to be conquered.
In 1989 he released his first album on Warner Bros. Under the name "NEON LEON" Artificial Stimulation. on this album his friends from New York MICK JAGGER and CLEM BRUKE from BLONDIE participated among others.
He has also been touring Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden with "REGGAE MESSENGER" The name NEON LEON was dropped in 199l and changed to the name we know today KING LION. KING LION had a new manager The style was changed, and the band put aside for a solo career. With a strong new image, the single GYPSY WOMAN" was released in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and France on CNR Records.
The Single smoked in The Swedish hit list at NO.3 and in Denmark at NO8 !
The next year followed the single CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU, which did'nt have the same chance because UB 40 had the same idea.
In the meantime the publics ears were opened up for this American singer and toaster, who's family was split between New Jersey and Jamaica. Actually there aren't many days in a year that go by that KING LION's name doesn't pop up on a poster, somewhere in Scandinavia.
One warm spring day in 1999 KING LION's managers phone rang.
HIP CAT Studio in Kolding, Denmark had a problem. The music was recorded, but the words, title and vocal were missing.
KING LION went to the studio the same day, and they were home, along with the female vocals of MARIA HECT from 'SOUND OF SEDUCTION', he had created a new hit, and anew epoch for KING LION had begun.
Dance Production team DAN TRIBE composer of KENN THE KILLER" (from DR.BAKER), RONNIE "NME" VEILER and MICHAEL, SKOUBOE. together with KING LION brought to us the summer hit I LOVE THE MELODY.
I LOVE THE MELODY" was released in more than 60 countries and a hit in many oft these.
In the spring of l995 a new single was released. THIS IS MY LIFE written by the famous danish singer KIM LARSEN. It became Danish Radio Hit No.1.
In the summer of 1995 the album/CD IT'S GOOD TO BE THE KING was released along with the double single AL NIGHT LONG and MONTEGO BAY. Once Again the rest of the world showed big interest !
What is not widely known is 'I HATE THE MELODY' with KENN THE KILLER, JUMP DOWN WITH NME3 and 'WILD, WILD, WHISTLE' with TEQUILA were all sung by KING LION for D.P.D., SONY MUSIC.,
To make it short and sweet, we can say he's a great musician and entertainer, who has many strings to play upon, He ususally goes with his playback show together with the two beautiful models, singers and dancers SOLVEIG (from SKORE KAJ) and CAROLINE.
But it's also very important to keep contact wiht the man on the street. Therfor he takes his guitar under his arm and tours internationally with his KING LION UNPLUGGED SHOW.
Germany has now begun to open it's eyes for KING LION, which has resulted in a string of jobs in 1999.
Right now KING LION is working hard on e new CD Album for spring release...,


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