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Miguel Cubilla


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MIKE CUBILLA - troubadour, pub entertainer

Mike Cubilla was born in South America, from where he moved to England in 1973 and than to Holland where he stay's until 1975 to study architecture on the university in Utrecht. In 1976 he moved to Paris, France where he actually start to play the music professionally in various restaurants, pubs and summer time entertaining the tourists on the Cote D'Azur (St.Tropez) a.s.o.

In 1980 he moved to Scandinavia where he start to perform in different pubs, hotels and on the ferry ships between Sweden and Finland. Since he lived in many countries all over Europe, he speak's many languages and this increase his ability to contact the audiences where he perform.
His repertoire consist popular music from 60ties and up to today.

He perform with electronic "drummer" and acoustic guitar/voice. He has worked all over Norway, Sweden and Denmark as well lately also in winter sport resorts in Austria. Because of his South American "origin" Miguel can also perform as "latin" guitar/vocal entertainer with large repertoire of Spanish, Caribbean & South American songs.

Mike is an excellent entertainer with instinct for the audience and please the crowd "always".

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