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Peter Bratten

Peter Bratten


PETER BRATTEN - troubadour pub entertainer

Peter Bratten is 28 years old Swedish guitarist & pub entertainer. He started with music in 2nd grade and have played since then. He went to USA 95 and studied music at MI in Los Angeles. That was a really good experience for him. Back home Peter Mostly played as a Trubadur, but also he played in different bands both as a singer and a guitar player. As an example, he played with the people who wrote the Swedish song for Eurovision songcontest 2000. "Peter Dahl, Linda Jansson, Thomas Holmstrand". The name of the song was "When spirits are calling my name" with Roger Pontare as the artist. He played with them in different constalations and learned a lot from them, cause they are really good top class musicians.

And this is some of the places where Peter has been performed:

Restaurang Hallen Motala
Stadshotellet Avesta
Stadshotellet Lidkoping
Joar Blo Pub Enkoping
Kapten Krok Restaurang Nykoping
Pub Storgatan 11 Degerfors
Woodys Pub Karlskoga
Red Brick Pub Karlskoga
Restaurang Bozna Degerfors
Restaurang ?torp ?torp
Restaurang Hawaii ?rjaeng
Sjomagasinet Goteborg
Hotell Edsbyn Edsbyn
Restaurang Briljant Karlskoga
Restaurang Torgkaellaren Degerfors
Sunne Gaestgifveri Sunne
Hotell Branaes (Skiresort) Branaes
Royal Arms restaurang Orebro
Goransonska Krogen Lindesberg
Nora Waerdshus Nora
The Underground / St Anton Austria

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