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ANDI JOSEPH - pub entertainer

Andrew David Joseph was born 20th April in the city of Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia. At the age of 4 his family moved to the central N.S.W city of Dubbo, a city of around 35000 people. Andrew comes from a musical family. His mother Rosslyn played a little piano but it was his father Barry, who was Andrew’s biggest influence in his younger years.

Barry is a gifted guitarist, has a strong voice and would often bring his guitar along to a friend’s barbeque or family get-together. At the age of 7, Andrew awoke on Christmas morning to find that Santa Claus and his trusty reindeers had placed a shiny new guitar under the Christmas tree.
Andrew started to take guitar lessons almost immediately with legend 60’s artist, Leo DeKroo from “The DeKroo brothers.”

At the age of 9 Andrew performed in his first concert. Leo, his teacher would encourage all his students to join the concert each Christmas, he also encouraged the students to try singing. Andrew performed a vocal song whilst accompanying himself on guitar, it was the first time his parents had heard him sing.

Throughout his schooling years, Andrew played in the school orchestra and performed most weekends as part of a backing band for an organization that raised money for charity. After leaving school, he taught guitar in a local music store and would play in clubs and pubs every weekend with his 3 piece band, “The Lost Boys.”

In 1991 Andrew and his band, called “Run Silent,” packed their bags and moved to Sydney.
Run Silent started writing and performing their own compositions and recorded their first CD soon after moving to Sydney. The debut album was well received, especially on the Asian market and in 1996 the band performed a successful tour of Indonesia, eventually selling around 10000 copies of their album. Andrew’s own composition “Ship Upon A Painted Ocean” reached the Number 1 spot.
The band returned to Sydney and enjoyed regular work, often playing up to 6 nights a week but after 6 long years in the same group, Andrew decided it was time for a change.

In February 1998 he left Australia and headed to the Alps of Austria. He was fortunate to have work pre-arranged by a friend at the well known ski resort, St Anton and performed together with fellow Australian, Rob Luca on keyboards. Rob & Andrew or “The Shrimps” as they were affectionately known, continued to travel and perform all over Europe for the next 3 years before Rob decided to base himself out of Copenhagen/Denmark and Andrew out of the nearby city of Lund in Sweden.

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