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MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER - pub entertainer - troubadour

A talented and versatile performer with over 20 years' experience as a professional entertainer, his dynamic tenor voice is capable of a wide range of styles from the melodious pop of Cat Stevens or the Beatles to the powerful rock of Bryan Adams or Creedence Clearwater Revival.
With a repertoire of over 500 songs spanning five decades and the ability to maintain an audience's attention, Michael is a troubadour who will always deliver top entertainment.
Michael grew up in Hoboken, New Jersey, home to Frank Sinatra and Bruce Springsteen. He began his own musical career at 18 when he joined the US Navy and spent four years as a vocalist in the Navy Band.
This gave him the opportunity both to travel and to explore diverse musical styles, singing with a big band jazz group, a rock & funk band and a country band. He won an award for best vocalist two years running, and appeared on a TV variety show in Rome while stationed in Italy.
On leaving the Navy, Michael moved to New England where he performed as a solo artist in pubs and bars and developed his guitar skills.
He also spent time working in New York City where he became intrigued by the Subway and the opportunity it gave him to perform to "ordinary people."
He was spotted by a journalist, Susie J. Tannenbaum, who has since published a book on Subway musicians.
She writes: "Michael Christopher is one of the few solo musicians I know who draws a crowd in the Subway. He has 'circle-gathering' skills or what Michael himself calls a 'carny' attitude.....One woman went over and asked Michael to play 'Sounds of Silence'. When he did, she started to cry. 'He brought back the Sixties' she explained.'"
(Susie J. Tannenbaum, Underground Harmonies, New York: Cornell UP, 1995)

In the mid-eighties Michael moved to Paris and quickly became a sought-after troubadour in the city's many Irish pubs, most notably the Galway, where he is loved by locals and tourists alike for his remarkable voice, vast repertoire and dry humour.
In recent years Michael's venues have included some of Scandinavia's more popular establishments including The Promenade Restaurant in Copenhagen's world famous Tivoli Amusement Park and the prestigious Baron and Baroness, as well as numerous performances in Oslo's famed Scotsman Pub and the Rohrburra, located in Oslo's exclusive dockside area, the "Akyr Brygga."
(Not to be outdone by the spirit of adventure of the old European troubadours, Michael traveled to the northern Norwegian towns of Vardo and Vadso, inside the Artic Circle! "The people were fantastic, he relates, But what can I say ? It was cold!)
His most recent work has been two successful tours on the Viking Cruise line ships, Rosella and Isabella. Said one Cruise Director, It's amazing what he can do with just his voice and guitar, without all the midi machines ! (Michael calls them the "Invisible Un-paid Bands.")
Michael regularly moves between Europe and the U.S., captivating audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. He is able to tailor his performance to fit any venue, whether that means supplying mellow background music for restaurants, or upbeat rock and roll to have pub audiences dancing on the tables.

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