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Ella Woods




ELLA WOODS - vocal entertainer

Ella travelled a fast track in the entertainment Industry.She took time to prepare herself for her impending career by studying opera at the University of Southern California. At Redland University she was presented with an Award for best soloist of the event, and was featured in the annual recording album.With 4 years of University majoring in English and Music, she made the right choices for her task. Living in los Angles,CA, where she travelled with many of the Stars in her Younger career, like The Platters whom she worked with for five years was an experience for sure. Recording with people like the Jazz Crusaders, Joe Sample, David t. Walker Wilton Felder, Red Holloway, and many other artists.

While working in Las Vagas with the Platters she had the chance to talk with people like, Sammy Davis Jr., Elvis Pesely, Judy Garland, Shirley Bassy, Wayne Newton, Michael Jackson, and many others; she has been with the Stars off Hollywood and knows the business well. Working in the USA, she formed her own Band, and worked all over the US, and then was offered a job in Europe where she is touring continuously. She is recording and producing some of her own songs. With the death of her father she was inspired to record a Gospel CD.

Her new CD will be titled Ella sing`s the songs Of Ella fitzgerald She has performed the Love song in the movie "Slaughter" starring Jim Brown & Stella Stevens. Ella appeared on many TV Shows , but made her national debut on the Merv Griffin Show Introduced by Redd Fox. She also starred in the film "House on Skull Mountain".

Produced by Joe Hartsfield , She co- starred and sang the title song and made appearances on many other shows. She has received standing ovations, from her audiences for such songs as "If You Love me" (Edith Piaf`s Hymne A` l`amour. She has listened to her audiences in Europe and decided to release an additional new CD , with some songs in French. Ella will continue to WOW her audiences. She says, the European audiences never hide their emotions for the Artist, they make you feel appreciated and wanted.

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