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Terry Malone




TERRY MALONE - vocal entertainer

Since her first New York City engagements in the 60's, Terry Malone has excelled at her chosen art. For over 20 years, she was the featured headliner of a the Ken Hamilton/Terry Malone Show, a 6 piece show band which dominated at the Casino circuit in the USA at the time. Las Vegas San Juan, Atlantic City, Reno, Lake Tahoe, Hawaii and New York where just some of the renowned venues repeatedly hosting this powehouse group.

Mrs. Malone brings to the stage a rare blend of experience, skill and talent which unite to create a delightfully versitale and exiting entertainer. Balads, torch songs, Motown, Blues, Swing, current pop hits... Terry sings them all with style and charm.

In the 80's Terry embarked upon a solo career, quickly finding new successes in Europe. While Finland and Baltic tourist trade became her home base, Germany, Italy and Norway are just some of the nations which have welcomed here unique style. Venues eagerly engagemented her for the duration of the Barcelona summer Olympics and the Winter Games in Norway, where her truly international appeal created new fans amongst the travellers from all corners on the world.
Able to adapt to any audience or establishment, Terry Malone has always retained elements of the classic cabaret "song stylist" in her performance, yet excels at the rhythms of the 90's nightclub when she wants to make her listeners dance. And she says, "If it's music, and people enjoy it... I love it !!"

Be sure to enjoy this Lady of Song at your earliest opportunity.

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