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Tommy Hunt




TOMMY HUNT - vocal entertainer

Born in Chicago, this great singer/ entertainer not only leaves his audience standing on their feet shouting for more, but is also a world famous recording artist, as well as performing in the movies "Go Johnny Go" and "My Girl".

In the 60's Tommy Hunt was one of the "Flamingos" a top singing group in America, releasing hits such as "I only have eyes for you", "Mi Amore" and at least l00 more records. Tommy began his solo career after leaving the group, and had many more hits as a solo artist including "Human" and "I am a witness", and a total of l27 releases in the United states. This started his career as a solo performer, taking cabaret shows all over the world. In the l970's he went to England, where he became famous on the Northern soul Scene, with number one hits, and a following of over l million fans. This achieved him the British mirror award for l983/84, and took him through Europe.

Such was this mans talent and influence on the music world that in l996, he was awarded the "Rhythm & Blues lifetime achievement award" in Hollywood. Tommy has travelled over every continent, performing to audiences in at least 40 different countries. His show is a mixture of Soul, Rhythm & Blues, Rock & Roll, and heart breaking Love Songs. From the very beginning he appears on the stage, he has his audience clapping their hands to the music and dancing in the aisles. The men laugh at his humour, and are invited to participate in the show. The women scream and fall at his feet as he sings to them the love songs they want to hear. His energy and Talent on stage ensure that he never leaves a show without being called back for more, and more, and more.... For added attraction, he can work with International dancers to make the men scream and fall in love all over again. Tommy has worked in some if the most famous clubs, theatres, discos and show rooms all over the world. From the Apollo Theatre in New York, and Ceaesars Palace in Las Vegas to The London Palladium and the Talk of the Town. The Lido in Paris and also Amsterdam, to the Cruising liners of Scandinavia, performing for the Maiden Voyage of the Silja Symphony and Silja Europa the worlds largest cruiser.

Whether this man performed in America, Australia, The far East, Israel, Africa, Europe or Scandinavia the people always want him back.. From the king of Persia to the local people in the bars. Tommy has performed for all classes of people and all nationalities and ages.

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