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Franklin Brown




FRANKLIN BROWN - vocal entertainer

Franklin Brown made fame due to his performance with the singer Maxine at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1996. The song "De eerste keer– reached the 6th position. Also in the Dutch charts the song did very well and reached the 3rd position. After Oslo he and Maxime did a lot of tv-shows and had many performances in the Dutch club-circuit.

Soon Franklin began working on a solo-career and recorded "Het bewijs van Ware liefde– (a song of Diane Warren), "Why don”t you stay"–, "It's only love" and "Living in a miracle" –. All of the songs ended in the higher regions of the Dutch Charts and had a lot of airplay.

From 1997 till july 2000 Franklin played one of the starring roles in the Dinnershow of Wentink Events. The Dinnershow-concept is quite a succes; people taking their business partners to this show (played in a TV studio) to have a exclusive dinner as well to be entertained by professional singers and dancers. Every season the theme changed, but Franklin became one of the
leading men in this special show.

In october 2002 Franklin is going to play one of the starring roles in the musical Notre dame du Paris. The auditions were taken by Riccardo Coccante and he immediately decided that it was Franklin he wanted for this musical.

Right now Franklin is doing performances with 4 female dancers. This new show is a very spectacular one with a lot of œfloorfillers– from past and present. Because of his enthousiasmic performances he is a well seen person in the Dutch club scene.

Beside this formula, Franklin also performs jazz-standards with his own combo Jazz Solution–. In fact every show can be created œtailor made– to make sure it fits any occasion

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