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DUO RADICAL - piano-bar duo & dance music

Duo Radical was formed in 2004 by Anny and Lachezar (keyboards and guitar).
Since then they worked in piano bars and in summer and winter tourist resorts all over Bulgaria.
They have also performed long term engagements in Turkey and South Korea.

Anny's voice is universal she can sing any style of music.
Her passion is R&B and rock songs. She is "front" singer of the duo and play also keyboards.

Lachezar have a very strong voice suitable for rock and evergreens.
He play many instruments his first is guitar next to guitar he also play
keyboards and drums.

Their repertoire consist a wide variety of songs from evergreens, pop, rock, jazz standards, country and western up to the latest hits from the international hit parades.

Here some venues where they have ben performed lately:

Richmond, Turkey - lobby bar, 2006
Seoul - Western Cho Sun, South Corea-lobby bar,
Busan - Paradise, South Corea-lobby bar, 2009

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