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THE DREAMERS QUARTET - allround dance music

The Dreamers Quartet has been formed in the spring of 2009.
The 4 musicians have had experience in other bands before the formation of the present one.

The Members of Dreamers Quartet are :

Prolet Ivanova - Lead vocal, percussions, born in 1984.
Ivanova started singing at age of 8 in one of the biggest choirs for children.Her first appearances in the professional field are at age 16. Guided by her mother, professional opera singer herself, Prolet kept on developing her singing skills.
She graduated at the Music University with major pop and jazz singing and second major-piano. During her student years she sings in a lot of local bands -pop,latino.soft rock....

Tsvetelin Penkov - Guitar, Vocal, Trumpet,
Born in 1977, he start playing at age of 7. His first instrument is accordion. He began playing clarinet at age 10 and later he graduated from Music school and majored in clarinet and piano.He also played tenorhorn and trumpet through his school years.
Tsevelin started playing guitar at age 17. Graduated Music university with major guitar-jazz and classical.
His first professional appearances were with a jazz and Latino band, during his student years.
He has performed in China,Lebanon,Turkey, Holland, U.A.E. with different bands in a lot of different genres...pop, rock, latino, classic

Dimitrinka Trendafilova - keyboard, piano, vocal , was born in 1986.
Her first instrument is accordion-age of 7. When she was 11 she started playing piano. Dimitrinka graduated from Music school and majored in Accordion and Piano. She sang during 13 years in the choir of her own town where she starded developing her singing skills. She has very good experience in the field of pop and rock and roll music.

Stepan Chavdari - Keyboard, Guitar, Bagpipe, born in 1985 in Moldova.
Stephan began with music at a very early age and his first instrument is Accordion. He graduated from Music college with bagpipe and piano. He had several performances with the college orchestra mainly in the field of bulgarian ethno music. Since 2004 he lives in Bulgria permanently.

The Dreamer's Band repertoire includes a big variety of different genres : pop, rock, latino, jazz, Italian music as well. They offer good and professional entertainment and will fulfill your expectations.

The band has performed in:

Turkey : Amara Club Marine
Abu Dhabi: Amara Hotels

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